The Pointe Book: Shoes, Training, Technique

The Pointe Book: Shoes, Training, Technique

A complete examination of the pointe technique and pointe shoes is provided in this guide. Dancers tired of their pointe shoes wearing out too quickly benefit from a thorough explanation of the shoemaking process, and the book includes tips that show how to best fit, care for, and custom order toe shoes. Interviews with ballet stars reveal their highly evolved but proven methods of caring for pointe shoes, while the basics of the pointe technique, different methods, and its history are also discussed. With a handy reference on pointe-related injuries and their remedies, this new edition also offers the latest information on contemporary designs, materials, products, and suppliers. A sampling of pointe technique schools around the country offers an authoritative syllabus for teachers and students alike.

Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Princeton Book Company; Third Edition, Third edition edition (May 11, 2012)
Language: English

“This remains the only book of its kind to focus exclusively on pointe shoes and techniques. A ‘must’ for any serious ballet teacher.” —Library Bookwatch

“Detailing the shoemaking process, the comprehensive guide profiles major shoe manufacturers and the fundamentals of fitting, purchasing, and preparing pointe shoes. Interviews with leading dancers. choreographers, shoe fitterts, and medical professionals help demystify the mechanics of pointe dancing. This unusual resource is a fascinating yet essential tool for professional dancers, students, teachers, and ballerinas.” —Booklist

“[This book] addresses nearly every question that you could think to ask about pointe shoes.” —Dance Magazine

“A must read for those who teach pointe work.” —Dance Teacher Now

“This book is especially recommended for ballet students, but will also appeal to those who are interested in the art form and fascinated by the seeming ease that the ballerina brings to working on pointe.” —Choice Magazine

“An exceptionally worthwhile text for those caring for the health of professional dancers and for any dance student on pointe. Useful for parents, teachers, as well as dance enthusiasts.” —Gigi Beradi, Western Washington State College, The Journal of Dance Medicine and Science
About the Author
Janice Barringer is a musical consultant for Stepping Tones Records in Los Angeles and has been spotlighted in the PBS Dance in America series. She has been on the faculty of the American Dance Center, Ballet Hispanico, Harkness House, and STEPS and is a columnist for Pointe. Sarah Schlesinger is the former owner of the Capezio Dance Theatre Shops in Maryland and Delaware. She has extensive experience in fitting and repairing pointe shoes and is chair at the graduate musical theater writing program at New York University’s Tisch School of Arts. They both live in New York City

Customer Review
This is one of the few books written that not only cover all aspects of pointework, but is easy to read. It’s a wonderful gift for a girl who is contemplating going on pointe, as well as one who is already up on pointe, as well as their parents! Both my daughter and I have spent hours reading and then consulting with this book. It’s incredibly thorough, with chapters on the history of pointe, pointe shoe making process, fitting process, size charts, preparing and caring for pointe shoes, accessories, the shoe master, profiles of pointe shoe makers and sellers, characteristics of a pointe shoe, basics of teaching pointe, profiles of pointe training methods, sample classes, injuries and remedies and interviews with dancers about their pointe experience. The profiles of the different schools and their sample pointe classes were very helpful and interesting. My daughter loved comparing her classes to the ones listed in the book. There are so many subtleties about going on pointe, and this book did a wonderful job of addressing them all. It’s a definite must-have for any dancer!

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