Diamond Cut Bellydance

Diamond Cut Bellydance: Precision Technique & Practice for Beginners with Irina Akulenko 2-DVD Set – belly dance

Precision Technique & Practice for Beginners with Irina Akulenko 2-DVD Set – belly dance (2013)
As distinct from Western dance forms, the movement in belly dance is more internally focused and requires finer muscle control. There are many torso and hip movements that are completely unique to this dance form. Created by New York City-based star bellydance instructor and performer Irina Akulenko, Diamond Cut Bellydance – Precision Technique & Practice for Beginners will help you learn the delicate nuances of belly dance as well as build an overall strong technique from the very beginning.
This program is divided into 3 sections. In the first section, after a thorough warm up, Irina goes over foundations of belly dance movement breaking down 36 basic steps and isolations and leading a practice with music.

Section two is a series of 21 drills where two contrasting or two similar movements are paired together into a simple combination – you will love this! It s a step toward mastering precision muscle control, and a fun way to explore the nuances of the moves you learned in section one. Irina focuses on a single area of the body, such as the hips, and works with similar movements that have just one key variation, such as different kinds of hip figure 8s.

The final third of Irina’s Diamond Cut Bellydance program offers breakdown and practice of the seven graceful dance combinations, varying in mood, tempo, and dance vocabulary. Irina plays with different stylizations, from an Oriental flavor to a touch of Tribal style. The combinations start off easy, but escalate in sophistication, culminating in an explosive drum solo. These dance combinations will apply the technique you learned to beautiful music, challenge your coordination and let you enjoy bellydance to the fullest!

Learning belly dance helps you rediscover and accept yourself, feel more in control, more at ease in your own skin. Enjoy!

Product Details
Actors: Irina Akulenko, Sophia Ma, Angela
Directors: Irina Akulenko
Format: NTSC
Region: All Regions
Number of discs: 1
Studio: Stratostream – World Dance New York
DVD Release Date: October 1, 2013
Run Time: 172 minutes

By ruth richardson
This review is from: Diamond Cut Bellydance: Precision Technique & Practice for Beginners with Irina Akulenko 2-DVD Set – belly dance (DVD)
The long awaited Irina DVD has made it to the market.i just received this DVD in the mail, and could not wait to see it. i have been dancing seriously (pass the gym belly dance) for a year and 1/2. I love this DVD. it is targeted for beginners, but those with a little more experience will benifit from it. The instruction and moves are easy to follow. i got one for my daughter too who is interested. It is great if you are just starting out. It is great for us who want to review certain steps, and work on much need drills to perfect our art. she break it down and make it easy to follow. she moves with such grace and ease. It is a beautifully made DVD. i have seen her perform live and have been lucky enough to have study under her teaching. If you are ever able to take a class or workshop with Irina do it you will not be disappointed, until then enjoy the DVD

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